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I enjoyed playing, love the sound track and dig the art theme. A menu/quit game option would be nice so I don't have to alt+tab to exit the game. I thought the intuitive UI design was really well done (e.g. you use obvious controls (awsd) or train the player when events happen, rather than a bunch or training tutorials), I also like how there are some area that double back on themselves and then change open paths. I really liked the oxygen refill concept, reminds me of some old commodore 64 games I used to play as a kid (as does the art theme somewhat). Dying and having to go all the way back to the start was a bit frustrating for me, maybe if you just went back a shorter distance e.g. when you pickup the drill, just go back to 5 or 10 seconds before. Finally, the into story was cool, you did a good job of starting things off in an interesting way, well done!

Really cool and tense game! liked the graphics and sound design but it can be a little frustating having to die instantly and return to the beginning

Thank you so much for checking this out! One of my biggest problems with the horror game genre is not fearing death due to respawning. I tried to fix this by making it somewhat permadeath, but its a fine line to draw to have it scary and not annoying. And I can see how it would get annoying.

Thanks for the review though :D


I love the graphics and the gameplay! The level design is well executed because the first area basically teaches you how the game works without any tutorial. And the footsteps are a nice subtle hint to navigating the map. Great work! 

Its a massive relief to hear you say this! One of the hardest parts of game design is effective gameplay conditioning without directly explaining it to the player. It also serves to make the player feel good when they figure out how something works. Thank you very much!

How can I start the game? I tried to click start and almost every key on my keyboard but none works...

What OS are you using? The game should start when you press the start button. Have not encountered this bug before.

Windows. I tried to restart my laptop but no luck..

Turns out I had an old version uploaded. Try now and let me know! Sorry about this.

yes it works now! I like the music, really make me tense! One minor thing is the text is tiny, not sure if its my laptop's resolution. but the main game looks perfect!


Quite a tense little space adventure. The music is on point and the detection mechanics for the centipedes makes for quite a challenge!  Ack, these alien worms definitely are asking for a serious face stomping. 


The art, music and sounds fits well the type of game, it made me tense (too much for my liking). 

In the beginning i was not sure what to do (other than looking for the items I was told). I tried to run away from the centipedes and enter the station, but they can enter there as well.  

So I'm not sure on how to deal with it and what triggers them. It would be nice to have some visual feedback of when they can sense you. 

Another point is that there is no main menu, It forces you to alt+f4.

Despite that the game feels nice, congratulations! Is It your first game?

If you guys could check mine and leave your feedback in the page on what was good and what could be better, thanks. (I've fixed the menus)

The main idea was to make it tense as possible so I'm glad that worked.
There is visual feedback for the centipedes, they wiggle their antennas and chirp at you, though if I had more time I would have made it more obvious.

I really appreciate you taking the time to check the game out and even leave a review! Ill be sure to give your game a constructive review once I have beaten all the levels. :)

And no, I have been making games for quite a few years. This is just my first jam.


Thank you for making such a great game.